Silver linings: getting covid-creative

HELLO blog post number one. Those are some scary words. 

For any of the two people out there possibly reading this (hey mom, hey Aunt Susan!), I would like to start by saying that blogging was not in the works for Spring of 2020. Or ever. 

No, sir. I had a schedule and a plan. I had a day-to-day existence that was busy and exciting and left very little room for any additional activity. 

Didn’t we all?

HELLO COVID-19 crisis. You’ve sure been a wild card, haven’t you? Really though, whose day-to-day life hasn’t been impacted or even completely turned upside-down by this?  

If you know me, perhaps you’ll understand why I’ve been deemed a silver-lining type. A professor once told me in a conducting lesson that my face tends to ‘wax positive.’ Translation: sometimes (often?) I can have perma-smile. Further translation: not appropriate for whatever sad piece of music I was directing. Fair enough.

So yes. Life has been flipped on it’s side. Just like everyone else, I’m mourning a loss of what normal existence looked like only three short weeks ago: exciting opportunities for this Spring, concerts, vacations, DAILY human interaction.

However. Let me 'wax positive' for a second. Silver-lining time: I’ve been forced to get creative. Or as I should say, we (shoutout to my sweet husband) have been forced to get creative. Andrew and I are lucky that we have the most supportive community. Our choirs have moved to online rehearsals and we’re doing our very best to make lemons into lemonade. We’re lucky that we live in a digital age where it is even possible to continue teaching remotely. 

We’ve just introduced The Bortzes At Home [Virtual] Music Studio (longest name ever?) to the world. We’re excited about it. What better time to also introduce a space where you can get to know us a bit better?

Enter blog. I’ll start with the why. Little known fact (except by ex-roommates and family members): I love blogs. I read them daily. Morning coffee and Bloglovin’, it’s the best part of the day. A Cup of Jo is my favourite place on the internet. I love learning about people’s (read: strangers) lives, their stories, their families, the mundane things, the beautiful things. Creepy or endearing? No need to answer that. 

I also love to write. After finishing my musicology master’s thesis in 2016, I swore off writing for life. Deep down, I still love it dearly. Words of affirmation are my love language. I hate phone calls, but would happily text you for days. I find a weirdly large amount of joy in editing and proofreading. I have a dream of writing a book one day (maybe if I start to say it out loud someone will hold me accountable).

For now, what’s this little online journal going to look like? Couldn’t tell you! Hopefully something more meaningful and cohesive than this stream-of-consciousness-like rambling. I’d like to share stories and some of my music and creative business related knowledge and passion. It would be really cool for Andrew to share, as well (if you think I use a lot of words, just you wait). Mostly, it’s a creative outlet for right now in this weirdly upside-down world.

If you made it this far, bless your soul. Join me in the silver-lining creativity, friends. Take it one day at a time.