The benefits of online music lessons (with a real, live teacher)

The last part of the title is KEY. With a real teacher. A real, live, breathing, human teacher.

Sure, you can go to Youtube and find a tutorial for how to play just about any song out there. That is an easy, free option.

However, your learning will move so much more quickly with a real teacher. A teacher who devotes all of their focused attention to you can troubleshoot real-time problems. You will get instant feedback. You will get tips and tricks specific to your interests and learning. Your teacher will meet you at your level and will spend time helping you to solidify new concepts. You can ask questions, for crying out loud! Youtube just won’t give you that.

So, we’ve laid it all out for you. Here are the four benefits of online music lessons:

1) They are a time-saver. There is no need to drive, walk, bike, or transit to your teacher’s house. Instead, you just walk on over to your living room or home office, or heck, even your bathroom (we don't judge), open Zoom, and there you have it! Instant time-saver.

2) They give you options. You can study with anyone across the globe. We’re in White Rock, BC, but teach lessons to people in other parts of Canada and the US. How cool is that? Maybe you live in rural-middle-of-nowhere-land without a guitar teacher in sight. With online lessons, you can still find an awesome teacher who will help you achieve your rock and roll dreams.

3) Technology is handy. With video-conferencing platforms like Zoom and FaceTime, you can easily record your lesson to use for your own at-home practice. Record, watch, pause, fast-forward, Zoom makes it easy peasy.

4) They are more affordable. Who doesn't like saving money? Typically, an online private music lesson costs about 10% less than an in-person lesson. Our thirty-minute in-person lessons cost $35 per session. Our thirty-minute online lessons cost $29 per session. That’s 18% savings (thank you calculator app).

There you have it. Online lessons are a wonderful option, especially since we are in the midst of a global crisis, where we must stay home to stay safe. Stay home and keep learning!